To celebrate the majesty of Camper Van Beethoven, a supergroup of New Haven musicians will perform a selection of the band’s songs from the 1980’s through the 2010’s. Band members include Bill Fryer (GFlatMinor), Kedric Becker (Bad Assets, Russ Becker Quartet), Bruce Crowder (Shellye Valauskas Experience, Cryptones), Caroline Kendall, Sarah Dunn (Sarah Dunn and Band, Corpse Flower), Rebecca Scotka (Vomettes), Elaine DiMasi (Vomettes), Steve Gambini (New Cardiff Giants, Mighty Fighting Cocks), Kevin Day (gigglejuice), Dustin Kreidler (Fusilaje, Vomit Horns), and Cary Pollick (The Big Fat Combo, The Danglers). Special guests include singer-songwriter Brian Larney, Dave Schneider (Zambonis, LeeVees),Shellye Valauskas (Shellye Valauskas Experience), Jeffrey Thunders (Lost Riots, Mitch Kramer), Christopher Bousquet (American Elm), and Mark Zaretsky (Cobalt Rhythm Kings, Chicago Dawgs).