SVE - Middletown Arts Fest (Full Band Show)

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Trinity Stage, 381 Main St., Middletown, CT

FREE! Join the fun on Main Street for First Fridays Eco Edition!

From 5-8pm you'll find shopping, restaurant specials, live music, dance performances, DIY art, gallery showings and so much more.

This month, we're featuring great eco-initiatives like clothing swaps, upcycling and eco arts.

Pencil in all the activities, including :

  • Fine art auction & thrifted artistic clothing sale @ Mind Brakes

  • The Chalk Walk & DIY Sidewalk Art

  • Bob Schnittman Nature Photography Gallery Show at Middletown Framing

  • Live Music & Lesson Open House at Middlesex Music Academy

  • Off Route Art Colective showing @ 428 Main St

  • Reboot Eco Clothing Swap @ 428 Main St.

  • Prize Wheel for shoppers @ RJ Julia

  • Sidewalk Crafts for kids @ Amato's Toy & Hobby

  • Dance, Comedy Improv & Music performances at Trinity Stage, hosted by Ekklesia Contemporary Ballet stage.

  • Art showing & BYO-Cup Discount @ Klekolo World Coffee

  • Signature Arts Fest Cocktail @ Conspiracy

  • Paint Your Own Cookies with Cake, Batter & Roll

  • Live music by Erik Labranch, Zach Anderson & The Sawtelles @ 225 Main

  • Indie Makers Market at 195- 225 Main Street

  • Open Mic & screen-printing demo @ cinder + salt