The Sunday Buzz Matinee from Cygnus Radio

Cafe Nine, 250 State St, New Haven, CT

BROOKE DUGAN / INNER GROOVE / SVE (DUO) - ALL AGES & FREE Entry to this show requires proof of vaccine by card, photo or a negative test result within 48 hours of show time.

The Sunday Buzz Matinee from Cygnus Radio

Brooke Dugan

Brooke Dougan has been making music her whole life. An open mic appearance at age 14 led to a steady stream of solo performances throughout Connecticut and she is now an experienced and talented songwriter with over 50 original songs already in her growing catalog. Brooke’s live shows typically feature acoustic guitar while her recordings usually find her using electric guitars to create layers of sounds. Brooke is a talented guitarist who utilizes multiple open tunings and techniques to serve the different moods of her songs. What really makes Brooke special is the way she sings softly with an intimacy, confidence, depth and a bit of rasp. Her songs are thoughtful with melodies that will stay with you!

Inner Groove

Inner Groove is a band that plays an eclectic mix of rock and classic rock, with the occasional pop and country song thrown in for good measure. The common denominator in every song we choose to cover is a strong vocal presence and a catchy tune.